NEW Business Management 5th Edition (9781921917820)
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NEW Business Management 5th Edition (9781921917820)

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NEW Business Management 5th Edition (9781921917820)

NEW Business Management 5th Edition (9781921917820)

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Pre-Order your copy of the upcoming IBID Press Business Management 5th Edition, written by Paul Hoang for the new IB Diploma syllabus commencing August 2022.

This is the fifth edition of Paul Hoang’s bestselling textbook, covering the entire IB Diploma Programme specifications in Business Management (first exams 2024) in a critical and holistic way.

  • Full colour.
  • Addresses all aspects of the course (first teaching 2022)
  • Over:
    • 230 exam-style questions
    • 740 key terms identified and defined
    • 110 examination tips
    • 145 Theory of Knowledge questions
    • 60 ATL Activities
    • 40 exam mistakes to avoid.
  • Coverage of the Business Management Toolkit (BMT), with 40 exam practice questions.
  • Chapter review questions.
  • Assessment advice.
  • Integration of key conceptual themes, including advice for the new Internal Assessment (HL and SL).  

COMING SOON! Accompanying Answer Book, Workbook for 5th Edition and PowerPoint Set