PREORDER SEL Lightspeed Schoolwide Digital Solution (1-year subscription)

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PREORDER SEL  Lightspeed Schoolwide Digital Solution (1-year subscription)

PREORDER SEL Lightspeed Schoolwide Digital Solution (1-year subscription)

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The subscription for Seltrove Lightspeed, a web-based social-emotional learning (SEL) program for K-12 students, includes various tools and resources to enhance student education and teacher professional development. Here's a detailed overview of what's included, now including turnkey teacher lesson presentations:

School-Wide Access

Access to the complete Seltrove Lightspeed K-12 curriculum for all staff members. Subscription options are available for one, three, or five years, providing long-term, comprehensive support at all educational levels.

Downloadable and Printable Lessons

The program provides over 50 unique lessons and activities per grade level. These lessons engage students in meaningful social and emotional learning through individual and group activities, fostering social skills and emotional competencies.

"Just in time" Teacher lessons and activities

Just-in-time learning provides learners immediate access to necessary educational resources, enhancing continuous learning by allowing instant resolution of questions and acquisition of new concepts. This approach centers on a well-organized, accessible library of resources, ideal for fast-paced or professional environments where timely information is crucial. Multilingual Accessibility

Turnkey Teacher Lesson Presentations with Teacher Scripts

The subscription now includes turnkey teacher lesson presentations equipped with detailed teacher scripts to enhance classroom delivery further. These are designed for projecting on a whiteboard and include:

  • Pre-prepared Slides: Each presentation contains slides designed around the curriculum’s key points, incorporating interactive elements and visual aids to facilitate learning.
  • Comprehensive Teacher Scripts: Scripts accompany each slide to guide teachers through the delivery process, providing exact wording, timing cues, and engagement strategies.
  • Interactive Elements: Engage students through built-in quizzes, polls, and discussion prompts that can be interacted with directly in the classroom.

These turnkey presentations are crafted to reduce preparation time, ensure consistent lesson quality across different classrooms, and support teachers in delivering engaging and practical lessons.

Teacher Professional Development

Seltrove offers asynchronous professional development sessions on SEL topics. These sessions allow teachers to explore SEL subjects and CASEL competencies deeply, and they are designed to provide comprehensive learning with minimal time commitment.

Student Assessment and Evaluation Tools

The subscription includes rigorously developed tools for evaluating the effectiveness of the SEL program. These tools typically involve analyzing survey data by comparing averages from surveys conducted at different points, aiding in assessing various outcomes of interest.

Additional Teacher Resources

The program provides various extra resources, such as family communication guides, pacing guides, evaluation tools, alignment charts, downloadable posters, flashcards, and scope and sequence documents. These resources are designed to extend the learning environment beyond the classroom and support teachers in their instructional goals.

Overall, Seltrove Lightspeed's enriched subscription now supports the social and emotional development of students across all grade levels and enhances the teaching experience with ready-to-use instructional content. This comprehensive approach ensures that students and teachers have the necessary resources to succeed in today's diverse educational landscape.

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