Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Digital Access (2 years)

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Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Digital Access (2 years)

Economics for the IB Diploma Coursebook with Digital Access (2 years)

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Written by a highly experienced author, teacher, former IB Economics Chief Examiner and current senior examiner, the third edition has been fully updated to meet the requirements of the new guide for first examinations in 2022. It is a thought-provoking account of economic theory and policy with numerous real-world applications, encouraging international-mindedness, development of critical and independent thinking, and inquiry-based learning. This all-in-one print and digital coursebook includes a broad variety of features ensuring students will flourish in the subject and apply their skills in a diverse and practical way. Answers to coursebook activities are found in the teacher’s resource.

  • The ‘Conceptual understandings’ feature within each unit focuses attention on a selection of the nine key concepts running through the course, encouraging students to understand these concepts in context.

  • ‘Before you start’ questions at the beginning of each chapter challenge students’ opinions around important economic themes and help to spark discussion in the classroom.

  • ‘Learning objectives’ link to the assessment objectives in the guide, so students will know exactly what they need to focus on and at what level in every section.

  • ‘Real world focus’ features in every chapter include thought-provoking case studies that showcase current economic issues, such as the role of choice architecture and nudging in the uptake of organ donation, or the effects of global warming on global economic inequality. ‘Applying your skills’ questions at the end of these features encourage students to put theory into practice.

  • Theory of Knowledge features in each chapter encourage exploration of economics from different knowledge perspectives, enhancing students’ capacity for critical thinking. Questions under ‘Thinking points’ prompt students to delve more deeply into the links between economics and different ways of knowing.

  • ‘Test your understanding’ questions throughout each chapter provide the opportunity to review all the important points of the preceding section, provoking classroom discussions and supporting formative assessment where students can self-check their progress as they work through the course.

  • ‘Inquiry and reflection’ activities at the end of each chapter encourage students to review their understanding and explore important issues through individual or group activities focused on inquiry.

  • ESL learners are supported through clear and concise language, with key terms from the economics guide explained in context and in a glossary.

  • Links to exam-style papers on Cambridge Elevate ensure that students familiarise themselves with the new style of assessment. Additional supporting materials on Cambridge Elevate, such as important diagrams and exam review aids provide student support for exam preparation.

  • Cambridge Elevate editions are customisable and interactive, allowing students and teachers to annotate text, add audio notes and link out to external resources, both online and offline via the app.

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Author: Ellie Tragakes

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

Dimension: 8.65 x 1.15 x 10.67 inches

Edition: 3rd Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1108847064

Language: English

Pages: 720 pages

Release date: 07/31/2020

Series: IB Diploma Program

Year: 2020

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