MYP Mathematics 6 (MYP 1) 3rd edition

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MYP Mathematics 6 (MYP 1) 3rd edition

MYP Mathematics 6 (MYP 1) 3rd edition

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Mathematics 6 (MYP 1) third edition has been designed and written for the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (IB MYP) Mathematics framework, providing complete coverage of the content and expectations outlined. 

Discussions, Activities, Investigations, and Research exercises are used throughout the chapters to develop conceptual understanding. Material is presented in a clear, easy-to-follow style to aid comprehension and retention, especially for English Language Learners. Each chapter ends with extensive review sets and an online multiple-choice quiz. 

The associated digital Snowflake subscription supports the textbook content with interactive and engaging resources for students and educators. 

The Global Context projects highlight the use of mathematics in understanding history, culture, science, society, and environment. We have aimed to provide a diversity of topics and styles to create interest for all students and illustrate the real-world application of mathematics. 

We have developed this book in a consultation with experienced teachers of IB Mathematics internationally but independent of the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO). It is not endorsed by the IBO. 

We have endeavored to publish a stimulating and thorough textbook and digital resource to develop and encourage student understanding and nurturing an appreciation of mathematics. 



MYP 1 3rd Edition Changes

Material that has been added:

 Highest common factor has been added to Chapter 4 (Number properties), as it is useful when writing fractions in lowest terms.

 Multiplying fractions by a whole number has been added to Chapter 6 (Fractions). This allows us to find fractions of quantities using fraction multiplication rather than division, and gives a more efficient approach to multiplying a decimal number by a whole number.

 Capacity has been added to Chapter 10 (Measurement: Area, volume, and capacity).

 Percentage increase and decrease has been added to Chapter 12 (Percentage).

 Chapter 14 (Sequences) has been added.

 Combinations of transformations has been added to Chapter 19 (Transformations).

Material that has been removed:

 The area of a parallelogram has been moved to MYP 2 (an Investigation still appears in this book).

 Samples and populations have been removed from Chapter 18 (Statistics).

 Enlargements and reductions have been moved to MYP 2.

 Sets have been removed.

Material that has been restructured:

 The first two chapters of the book have been significantly restructured. The first chapter(now called Whole numbers) focuses on the structure and place value of whole numbers.

Number lines have been moved to this chapter, with an emphasis on using it to compare whole numbers with simple inequalities as outlined in the MYP Framework, rather than perform operations on it. Chapter 2 (now called Operations) now solely consists of the words and strategies associated with the four operations. Investigations have been added so that students can discover the operation strategies for themselves.

 In this first year of MYP, we wanted to give students a more general introduction to measurement, so we have included a Measurement: introduction chapter, which talks students through the different units used to measure things, and how to read scales. This chapter contains plenty of Activities for students to explore different measuring devices, and provides students the opportunity to think about when we measure in our daily lives, and why different units of measurement are used.

 The material in the Time chapter has been reorganised to separate calculations involving months and dates (Eg How many days are there between May 20 and July 4?) from calculations involving the times of the day (Eg What is the time 2 hours and 20 minutes after 5:50pm?)

 Chapter 13 (Positive and negative numbers) has been reordered. We start by using the number line to illustrate the relationship between positive and negative numbers. This is followed by an exploration of words associated with position and direction, and their relation to positive and negative numbers.

More broadly, we have adjusted how we organise the sections in each chapter, so there are less subsections within sections. This will make it easier for teachers and students to see what is in each chapter from the table of contents or the chapter title page.

Each chapter now ends with an online interactive multiple choice test, which is accessed through the digital version of the book.

The book now contains more Activities and Discussions throughout the chapters. These give students the opportunity to have more informal conversations about mathematics, and are also a good source of extra material for students who have finished their work early.

We have updated the Global Context projects, and added some new projects, so there are now eight projects in total. We have also vastly improved the task-specific descriptors, making it much easier for teachers to assess each task against the relevant assessment criterion.

The Self-Tutor scripts have also been updated, with a greater emphasis placed on enhancing student

understanding, by providing more detailed explanations than can be given on the pages of atextbook.0, TI-84 Plus CE

Ebook License in this book valid for 12 months.


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Author: Michael Haese

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

Edition: 3rd edition

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 400 pages

Year: 2021

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