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Handbook for MYP Science 2nd Edition (Color PDF)


Publisher: IBID Press ISBN-13: 9781876659097EL

Author: Christopher Talbot, Cesar Reyes, David Fairley

Curriculum: MYP Core Sciences

Edition: 2nd Edition

Language: English


This resource contains comprehensive advice about how to conduct the INTERNAL ASSESSMENT required for this course. The resource is a copy master. Purchasers are permitted to make copies for use within their institution according to the Conditions of Sale.

The contents exemplify all of the MYP Sciences Assessment Objectives and their sub-points. Also included are extensive examples and student exercises with suggested answers.


  • Chapter 1 - Criterion A: Knowing and Understanding
  • Chapter 2 - Criterion B: Inquiring and Designing
  • Chapter 3 - Criterion C: Processing and Evaluating
  • Chapter 4 - Criterion D: Reflecting on the Impacts of Science