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Designed for the next generation of students and teachers, Oxford's offer brings together the IB curriculum and future-facing functionality, enabling success in DP and beyond. Support progression by putting students in charge of their personalized learning journey. Save yourself time with tools to help you plan, teach, assess, and monitor progress.


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  • Provide comprehensive coverage¬†of all topics, fully aligned to the 2023 subject guide for Chemistry and structured according to the syllabus
  • Help students to develop conceptual understanding¬†by easily integrating subject knowledge, the Nature of Science and Theory of Knowledge into your teaching
  • Support independent learning and progression¬†with adaptive technology that provides a fully personalized journey so students can self-assign auto-marked assessments, get real-time results and are offered next steps
  • Deepen understanding¬†with intervention and extension support, and spaced repetition, where students are asked follow-up questions on completed topics at regular intervals to encourage knowledge retention
  • Deliver responsive teaching¬†supported by enhanced reporting and rich data, to show progress at individual and class level
  • Develop metacognitive skills and subject-specific skills¬†with high-quality materials created by experienced IB authors, examiners, and teachers
  • Motivate students¬†with a variety of engaging content including interactive activities, vocabulary exercises, animations, and videos
  • Enable learning anywhere¬†with mobile-optimized onscreen access to all resources and offline access to the digital Course Book via Kerboodle, plus print Course Book components
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  • The price of this subscription depends on the size of your cohort. Please contact your local educational consultant for more information.
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  • The licence includes access to storage space of 5MB per single upload and is subject to a total upload limit. Annotations to the Kerboodle eBooks are subject to a total upload limit of 7MB per user.
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    Author: Sergey Bylikin, Sam Holyman, Gary Horner, Author Elisa Jimenez Grant, David Tarcy,David Allen, Nerissa Puntawe

    Curriculum: IB Diploma Sciences 2023

    Release date: February 2023