PREORDER Social Emotional Learning Classroom Workbook - Grade 9, 2nd edition (Due July 2024)

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PREORDER Social Emotional Learning Classroom Workbook - Grade 9, 2nd edition (Due July 2024)

PREORDER Social Emotional Learning Classroom Workbook - Grade 9, 2nd edition (Due July 2024)

Regular price $19.99
Sale price $19.99 Regular price
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The updated approach to Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) outlined for the second edition of the workbook is a robust and forward-thinking strategy that aims to significantly enhance students' personal and interpersonal development during a critical period of their lives. Let's break down why these elements are so beneficial:

Holistic SEL Coverage

  • Comprehensive Content: Entirely new lessons and activities ensure that students and teachers access the latest and most effective strategies for SEL. This broadens the learning experience, making it fresh and relevant.
  • Four Ten-Week Themes: The division into themes of Identity and Mindset, Courage and Kindness, A Place to Belong, and Healthy Wellbeing offers a structured approach to cover diverse aspects of SEL comprehensively. It helps in building a sequential learning path that is both manageable and impactful.

Enhanced Learning Tools

  • Assessment Tools: Including pre-, mid-, and post-assessment tools is crucial for measuring students' progress and understanding. It allows educators to tailor instruction to meet each student's needs more effectively and observe growth over time.
  • Scaffolded for K-12: Providing over 50 lessons that cater to the entire K-12 spectrum with appropriate scaffolding ensures that the workbook is versatile and adaptable across different age groups and educational stages.

Focused Skill Development

  • 21st-Century Skills: By emphasizing empathy, conflict resolution, technology usage, executive functioning, and growth mindset, the workbook directly addresses essential skills needed for success in today's world. It also focuses on college and career readiness, ensuring students are prepared for future challenges.
  • CASEL Competencies: Covering all five CASEL competencies (Self-awareness, Self-management, Responsible decision-making, Relationship skills, and Social awareness) guarantees a comprehensive SEL approach, fostering well-rounded individuals capable of navigating the complexities of modern life.

Practical and User-friendly

  • No Additional Preparation Needed: The workbook's turnkey solution minimizes educators' preparation time, making integrating SEL into the curriculum easier.
  • Customizable and Supportive: The option to customize workbooks for orders of 1000 or more, alongside the availability of teacher support materials for different levels, enhances the workbook's applicability and effectiveness across various educational settings.

Impact on Education

Implementing this school workbook can transform students' education, particularly during the volatile high school years. It equips them with the necessary tools to manage their emotions, understand and care for others, make responsible decisions, and confidently face the future. By addressing the full spectrum of social and emotional competencies in a structured yet flexible manner, this workbook promises to lay a solid foundation for students' success in all areas. It's an invaluable resource for educators looking to foster resilience, empathy, and a positive mindset in their students.

Author: Seltrove Education

Dimension: 7x10 Spiral Bound

Pages: 150

Release date: June 2024

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