To use a distinctly Canadian metaphor, IB Source is to delivery as the power play is to hockey.  Worry-free borderless shipping to Canada is a reality

United Canada And USA
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IB Source Canada Shipments
  • Save Precious Time

    From our Chicago based warehouse, we are 1-3 days shipping to 75% of the Canadian IB Schools
  • Flat 5% GST

    We charge 5% Canadian GST and books are considered tax free for for the Canadian Provincial Tax (PST).  There are no hidden fees.
  • Borderless Shipping

    No need to worry about customs clearance at the border.  We handle all customs clearance, import and associated fees.   We know the “Eh,” B, C’s of getting your items to and from Canada.
  • Shipment Visibility

    Track your sent and incoming packages, set delivery instructions and get alerts with our carrier UPS

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