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MYP Science Investigations 2nd Edition (Color PDF)

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This resource contains 40 fully documented investigations, 10 for each of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Earth & Space. The resource is a copy master. Purchasers are permitted to make copies for use within their institution according to the Conditions of Sale.

Each investigation contains a STUDENT SHEET and comprehensive TEACHING NOTES.

Each STUDENT SHEET contains:

  • an introduction
  • an aim
  • an equipment list
  • safety notes
  • illustrative photographs/diagrams
Each set of TEACHING NOTES contains:
  • a student equipment list
  • safety notes
  • a suggested research question
  • theoretical background
  • suggested variables
  • advice on experimental method
  • notes about evaluation of the results
  • suggestions for extension work
Additional info

Author: Christopher Talbot, Cesar Reyes, David Fairley

Edition: 2nd Edition

Language: English