IB Business Management PowerPoint Pack for 5th Edition

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Add variety, depth and POWER to your Business Management classes with this Powerpoint Pack by Vivien Jack and Paul Hoang.
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This set of 47 Powerpoint Presentations, each with around 40 screens, follows Paul’s exceptional text with a powerpoint for each chapter. They contain:

  • material for both SL & HL
  • video links where appropriate
  • powerful diagrams
  • clear explanations
  • business examples from many lands and cultures
  • descriptions of types of business
  • real-life examples of failures and successes
  • suggested student activities
  • and notes for teachers.

While this exceptional resource does not replace teachers, it does allow them to concentrate on enhancing their students’ experiences and enlarging their understanding of the tenets underpinning successful Business Management. This Resource is sold as a ‘Copy Master’ for unlimited use within the purchasing school and is priced as such. It will be delivered digitally and watermarked and protected for each school purchasing. Electronic resources are not instant. They take 24-48 hours to set up and send.

Additional info

Author: Vivien Jack, Paul Hoang

Curriculum: International Baccalaureate Diploma Years Programme

Edition: 5th Edition

Format: Digital Pack

Language: English