MYP Mathematics 4 & 5 Extended: Print and Enhanced Online Course Book Pack (2020) (9781382010917)
MYP Mathematics 4 & 5 Extended: Print and Enhanced Online Course Book Pack (2020) (9781382010917)
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MYP Mathematics 4 & 5 Extended: Print and Enhanced Online Course Book Pack (2020) (9781382010917)

  • ISBN-13:

Author: Rose Harrison, Clara Huizink, Aidan Sproat-Clements, and Marlene Torres-Skoumal

Curriculum: Middle Years Programme

Edition: 1st Edition

Format: Paperback with Printed Access Code

Isbn 10: 1382010915

Language: English

Pages: 312 pages

Release date: 08/02/2021

Series: Oxford IB Middle Years and pre-IB Diploma Programme Mathematics

Year: 2021

Format: E-Book + Print
E-Book + Print
Product Details

Fully comprehensive and matched to the revised MYP Mathematics framework

Author Rose Harrison, Author Clara Huizink, Author Aidan Sproat-Clements, and Author Marlene Torres-Skoumal

Suitable for:  MYP and pre-IB Diploma students - Extended (ages 14-16)


Developed directly with the IB to be fully integrated with the revised MYP Mathematics framework, for first teaching in 2020. This comprehensive, inquiry-based resource empowers students to develop a deep and engaged understanding of mathematics.



  • Progress your learners into IB Diploma - fully comprehensive and matched to the revised MYP framework for first teaching in 2020, with many opportunities for enrichment
  • Drive mathematical confidence - extensive practice refines and progresses skills and understanding
  • Develop understanding and flexibility - integrated global contexts equip learners to recognize and manipulate new principles
  • Enable learners to confidently apply understanding as they progress - strengthening performance in the eAssessment and IB Diploma
  • Support higher level thinking skills through an approach grounded in factual, conceptual and debatable questions
  • Develop conceptual, integrated teaching in the best way for your learners
  • Develop meaningful cross-curricular connections that help learners recognize and manipulate mathematical ideas in other disciplines
  • MYP Mathematics 4&5 Extended takes learners beyond the MYP Mathematics 4&5 Standard resource, providing opportunities to master more advanced mathematical concepts and skills
  • Fully supports the Common Core
  • This Enhanced Online Course Book Pack - made up of one full-colour, print textbook and one online textbook with extra digital resources, will support teaching and learning from anywhere.