Our Connected Planet

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Our Connected Planet

Our Connected Planet

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Our Connected Planet covers all parts of the Higher Level extension for IBDP Geography Paper 3. The 9 chapters mirror the structure of the syllabus.

Chapter 1 Global interactions and global power
Globalisation and global interactions
Globalisation indices
Global superpowers
Powerful organisations and global groups

Chapter 2 Global networks and flows
Global trade in materials, manufactured goods and services
International aid, loans and debt relief
International remittances from economic migrants
Illegal flows
Foreign direct investment and outsourcing by TNCs
A case study of Apple’ s global strategy and supply chain
A case study of Airbus’ global strategy and supply chain

Chapter 3 Human and physical influences on global interactions
Political factors that affect global interactions
Our ‘ shrinking world’
The physical environment and global interactions

Chapter 4 Development opportunities
The multidimensional process of human development
Empowering women, indigenous and minority groups
A case study of affirmative action to empower women in Muslim countries
A case study of affirmative action to close the development gap for women in China
A case study of affirmative action to advance the Dani people of West Papua
Social entrepreneurship

Chapter 5 Changing identities and cultures
Cultural traits, ethnicities and identities
Effects of global interactions on cultural diversity
Influence of diasporas on cultural diversity and identity

Chapter 6 Local responses to global interactions
Local and civil society resistance to global interactions
A case study of the campaign against McDonalds in Tecoma
The rise of anti-immigration movements
Case studies of anti-immigration movements in Europe and the United States
Geopolitical constraints on global interactions
Case study of constraints on global interactions in North Korea
National trade restrictions
The role of civil society in promoting international-mindedness
Case study of pro-democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong
Case study of the Malala Fund and education for girls

Chapter 7 Geopolitical and economic risks
Threats to individuals and businesses
Risks to global supply chain flows
Threats to the political and economic sovereignty of states
Case study of Apple’ s tax avoidance
Tax avoidance by wealthy individuals
Disruptive technological innovations
Increased globalisation and renewed nationalism and tribalism
Case study of the Israel-Palestine conflict
Case study of geopolitical tensions and conflict on the Korean peninsula

Chapter 8 Environmental risks
Transboundary pollution
Environmental impacts of global flows
Environmental issues linked with the global shift of industry

Chapter 9 Local and global resilience
Successes of civil society organisations
Case study of SweatFree Communities
Case study of 350.org
Strategies to build resilience

    Author: Stephen Codrington

    Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

    Format: Paperback

    Isbn 10: 0957981988

    Language: English

    Pages: 320 pages

    Release date: 05/30/2017

    Series: IB Diploma Geography

    Year: 2017

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