M/WBE Participation

This organization will and will cause its contractors and subcontractors to take good faith actions to achieve the M/WBE contract participations goals set by the State for that area in which the State-funded project is located, by taking the following steps:

(1) Actively and affirmatively solicit bids for contracts and subcontracts from qualified State certified MBEs or WBEs, including solicitations to M/WBE contractor associations.

(2) Request a list of State-certified M/WBEs from Agency(ies) and solicit bids from them directly.

(3) Ensure that plans, specifications, request for proposals and other documents used to secure bids will be made available in sufficient time for review by prospective M/WBEs.

(4) Where feasible, divide the work into smaller portions to enhanced participations by M/WBEs and encourage the formation of joint venture and other partnerships among M/WBE contractors to enhance their participation.

(5) Document and maintain records of bid solicitation, including those to M/WBEs and the results thereof. Contractor will also maintain records of actions that its subcontractors have taken toward meeting M/WBE contract participation goals. (6) Ensure that progress payments to M/WBEs are made on a timely basis so that undue financial hardship is avoided, and that bonding and other credit requirements are waived or appropriate alternatives developed to encourage M/WBE participation.