Social and Cultural Anthropology TestPrep Workbook (SL & HL) (9781913121044)

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The new Socanth workbook in the TestPrep series is aligned with the latest Social and cultural anthropology curriculum from the IB.

SL and HL students can use the Socanth TestPrep workbook as part of their IB revision in order to feel confident, reassured and prepared for their exams. The tips, assessment and marking guidance and full sets of practice papers are a smart way to test knowledge and understanding during Socanth revision.

Students will:

· understand what to expect from the Socanth exam paper such as question types, how questions are assessed and how marks are assigned, plus information about the assessment objectives

· see example student work with simple and clear annotations that help students show what they know

· guide themselves through the IB examination process using helpful tips and features

· test themselves with complete sets of exam-style Socanth practice papers - the first set includes additional tips, teacher-style commentary and support to guide students to the correct answer; the last set is designed so students can test what they have learned on their own

· check their answers to the exam-style questions against fully-worked solutions in the back of the book.

Practice exam papers are one of the best ways to make sure you feel confident, reassured and prepared for your exams. With full sets of exam-style papers to work through, Social and Cultural Anthropology: TestPrep Workbook is the perfect resource for students to use as part of their exam revision - whether this is before the mock exams or before the real thing.

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