SEL Foundations Elementary School Workshop (1-Year Subscription per teacher)

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SEL Foundations Elementary School Workshop (1-Year Subscription per teacher)

SEL Foundations Elementary School Workshop (1-Year Subscription per teacher)

Regular price $199.00
Sale price $199.00 Regular price
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SEL Workshops for teachers, school leaders, paraprofessionals, and school staff. Focus on the CASEL competencies with evidence-based best practices to improve teaching, school culture, and student wellness.

Explore all 5 CASEL competencies and learn how you can use a teaching style that weaves SEL into your content and classroom management. 

Focus on Social Awareness & Relationship Skills by subscribing to this workshop bundle. Learn culturally responsive teaching practices and best practices for creating an inclusive and equitable classroom (and school) environment.

Workshops in this FOUNDATIONS theme:

  1. The Pedagogies and Competencies of SEL

  2. Creating an SEL Environment in your Classroom

  3. SEL-Aligned Classroom Management Strategies

  4. The Brain Science behind SEL

  5. SEL and You: A Teacher's Tool

Learn how to create an SEL-aligned classroom environment to integrate SEL into your daily routine.

Focus on social awareness, relationship skills, and self-awareness. 

Project: Create your SEL-aligned Teaching Philosophy

Key Takeaways:

This Workshop Bundle focuses on creating an SEL-aligned teaching style by learning about the foundational principles of SEL including:

  • SEL Teaching Practices
  • Creating an SEL Classroom Environment
  • SEL-aligned Classroom Management
  • Students' Brain Development and SEL
  • SEL Self-care Practices for Teachers

The main focus of this workshop is introducing you to the 5 CASEL competencies, how they relate to each other, and what they look like in your elementary classroom.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each lesson take?

Each lesson takes 10-15 minutes, although some teachers extend this time to include a full class period giving students time to share and work in groups on each activity. 

What training do I need to use this?

None! All you need to do is print the printable activity and hand it out to your students.

How much does this cost?

Coming soon.

How does this Package work?

The classroom teacher or school counselor has access to this Package and decides which activities to print and use with their students. Teachers also have access to the PowerPoint to introduce Empathy to their students and the teacher videos to learn more about teaching empathy.

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