FTS2, Keep the sameFree Sample Workshop: Ready? Get Set. Go!

Keep the sameFree Sample Workshop: Ready? Get Set. Go!

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Everyone is talking about SEL, but how can you get started with SEL right away without taking time away from your curriculum? Check out this free workshop to learn a bit about these skills and tools you can use to incorporate them into your classroom!

Overview: Get started using SEL right away in your classroom. Learn the basics of SEL and ways you can create authentic and meaningful relationships with them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the basics of SEL
  • Learn about the importance of authentic and meaningful relationships
  • Explore strategies to incorporate SEL into your classroom
  • Print and use the friendship worksheet to develop your students' skills



  • These tools are appropriate for parents of children of any age
  • Printable resources for parents to use with their children
  • Case studies to practice what you are learning

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