Mathematics 10 Extended (MYP 5 Extended) 3rd edition

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  • Overall, the algebraic requirement for MYP 4 and MYP 5E is slightly lower, reflecting the lower entry point at DP level for the HL courses under the new syllabus.  However, there is still plenty of challenging problems for the stronger student requiring critical thinking and analysis skills.
  • We have greatly improved our offering for MYP Global Contexts, both in number of projects and quality, bringing extra historical and cultural interest, more interesting question sets, and better matching to assessment rubrics. 
  • Each chapter now has an online interactive multiple-choice test, accessed through the digital subscription to the book.
  • There are also more Discussions and Activities throughout the chapters.  These give students the opportunity to have more informal conversations about mathematics and are a good source of extra material for students who have finished their work early.
  • We are updating our Self-Tutor scripts with greater emphasis on conceptual understanding. 
  • As per previous editions, we understand that most schools have national school requirements up until grade 10 or equivalent, and run MYP programs alongside these. In these new publications, we therefore address the MYP framework, plus anything else we feel would be commonly done at that year level, and always with a view to preparing for the DP courses.
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Author: Michael Haese

Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme

Edition: 3rd Edition

Format: Digital Subscription

Language: English

Pages: 612 Pages

Release date: September 1, 2022

Year: 2022