Biology TestPrep Workbook (SL)

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Biology TestPrep Workbook (SL)

Biology TestPrep Workbook (SL)

Regular price $39.00
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Don’ t just rely on past papers as part of exam practice! The Revise IB Workbooks are the perfect way to test if students are exam-ready before mocks and the real thing.

This new Biology SL Workbook in the TestPrep series is aligned with the latest Biology SL curriculum from the IB. Ensure students feel confident, reassured and prepared for their exams. The tips, assessment and marking guidance and full sets of practice papers are a smart way to test knowledge and understanding during Biology revision.

With three full sets of exam-style practice papers for Biology SL students, this Revise IB book gives all the information students need for their IB Diploma Programme Biology SL exams.

Set A: Build confidence and familiarity… These papers include question-by-question support, strategies and markscheme hints to help students get to the right answer.

Set B: Find out where there are gaps in revision… These papers have fewer helpful suggestions. Students should do these closer to the exam.

Set C: The ultimate exam practice! These papers include no extra help - they are just like the real exam. The perfect set to check students are exam ready.

From some excellent and unique multiple-choice questions for Paper 1 to invaluable advice from the experts on how to tackle Papers 2 and 3, this book is full of essential exam practice support for students revising for their Biology exams.

Throughout this IB Biology revision workbook, you will discover motivating features and prompts to help you succeed in the ways you develop, structure and write the answers to your exam questions.

Useful features include:

Tips - helpful hints to guide you to the right answer

Warnings - alerting you to things that can be easily misunderstood

Answer Analysis - helping you to understand how marks are awarded

Links - where you can make interdisciplinary links to other subjects, like theory of knowledge (TOK) or the extended essay

Command Terms - explaining exactly what the question wants you to do

Identifiers - so that you are clear which assessment objective you are tackling.

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