IB Diploma Physics Course Companion

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Developed in cooperation with the IB and created by experienced IB authors, examiners and teachers, this Course Book is fully aligned to the 2023 subject guide for DP Physics, providing comprehensive and engaging coverage of all topics.


  • Provide comprehensive coverage¬†of all topics, fully aligned to the 2023 subject guide for Physics and structured according to the syllabus
  • Build your lessons on sound foundations¬†as the three core concepts of energy, forces and particles are interwoven throughout
  • Enhance your teaching¬†by easily integrating subject knowledge, the Nature of Science and Theory of Knowledge
  • Encourage inquiry¬†and support students to develop conceptual understanding with guiding and linking questions included in each chapter
  • Focus on knowledge and skills¬†with high quality content created by experienced IB authors, examiners and teachers
  • Build metacognitive and subject-specific skills¬†with not only a dedicated skills chapter and but also the opportunity to regularly practice throughout
  • Reinforce learning¬†with a wealth of questions, clear explanations and worked examples
  • Prepare for assessment¬†with exam-style questions at the end of each topic, and comprehension questions throughout, plus dedicated support for the Internal Assessment
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Author: David Homer, William Heathcote, Maciej Pietka

Curriculum: IB Diploma Sciences 2023

Release date: February 2023