NEW IB Biology 3rd edition Student Workbook (Not Yet Published April 2024)

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BIOZONE continues the innovative development of its highly popular student resource for IB Diploma Biology. Now in full color, this third edition of BIOZONE’s IB Biology has been specifically written for the latest IB Biology Diploma programme (first assessed in 2025). This comprehensive title integrates BOTH standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) material, ensuring seamless delivery of the IB programme with no content gaps.
Digital subscriptions to this programme will be available via our new online platform: BIOZONE WORLD.  Access will be available for trial by schools and districts upon request.
Resource Hub:
The BIOZONE Resource Hub is a FREE resource, available to both students and teachers. It offers a curated collection of Open Educational Resources (OER) specifically chosen to support the content of the worktext. Resources include videos, animations, games, 3D models, spreadsheets, and source material Our unique point of difference is that we have combined the very best features of a highly visual textbook (using an infographic style) with that of an interactive workbook – resulting in a unique hybrid configuration: an interactive worktext. The structure of IB Biology has a thematic approach. It follows the four themes presented in the syllabus roadmap: Unity and Diversity, Form and Function, Interaction and Interdependence, and Continuity and Change. The delivery spirals, allowing exploration of the four levels of organization (molecules, cells, organisms, and ecosystems) within the context of each theme. A Science Practices chapter has been added at the end of the book that contains material to support students with the scientific investigation component of the programme.   
  New features include:
  • New and updated content to align with the most recent IB Biology diploma programme.
  • Diagrams and photos are now in full color.
  • QR codes linking to interactive 3D models.
  • A simple tab system clearly identifies three important content items: Higher Level material, Nature of Science content, and Application of Skills components.
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