NEW DP Extended Essay Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

Guiding IB educators towards success!
Resources, best practices, and classroom examples created and shared by experienced IB educators.

This short video explains how this Ibtrove toolkit can deepen your knowledge of DP Extended Essay!

Practical tools, classroom examples, and content from experienced Extended Essay coordinators..

Best Practices and easy-to-understand explanations to help you best manage the EE project.
Organizational downloadable resources to make managing the EE easy
Assessment examples so you can understand the criteria and accurately grade your students


Take notes, keep track of your assessment marks, and reflect all in one spot with a free set of workbooks per session.

The workbook also includes:

Infographics from inside the toolkit
Self-reflection questions
Small group discussion questions for your vertical, horizontal, or subject team, so you can work together to create a more cohesive MYP Mathematics curriculum at your school.
Assignments 24/7 Support with Live Chat


Earn a digital certificate that can be used for re-licensure (depending on your state or country).

Inside the Extended Essay Toolkit Structure


Elizabeth (she/her) is a TOK teacher and EE supervisor at a public French-language high school who grew up exploring Canada's two charter languages on the unceded, ancestral, and traditional territory of the Musqueam People in Vancouver, Canada

Elizabeth Rush

EE Coordinator & TOK Teacher

Matthew has taught DP Literature and coordinated the Extended Essay since 2012. He works collaboratively with EE Coordinators around the world where he shares his resources and is a frequent presenter for school workshops. He is on the Instructional Leadership Team and is the content lead for IB English at his school. His favorite book is Faulkner’s Absalom, Absalom!.

Matthew Lundberg

EE Coordinator & DP Literature Teacher

Victor has been the EE Coordinator as well as the DP Coordinator since 2005 at his school in The Hague. He has extensive knowledge of all the inner-workings of the IBDP including managing the EE project.

Victor Ferreira

DP Coordinator & EE Coordinato

Tamara teaches DP Dance in an Atlanta public school. It is her goal as an educator to create a positive and stimulating environment for her students where creative choice, artistry and movement have value. Her educational journey started when she left the Us National Tour of The Lion King and needed to find stability while still utilizing her gift of dance. Her professional experience helped to shape her as an educator.

Tamara Irving

DP Dance Teacher & EE Advisor

How does the toolkit help me with coordinating the Extended Essay?

This toolkit includes 40+ downloadable resources that focus on supporting you as you coordinate the EE. This includes:

Providing you with printable and downloadable organization tools to manage the EE project.
Video and audio lessons on best practices, managing teacher-student relationships, etc.
Student samples so you know the ins-and-outs of the EE project even more thoroughly.

Can an experienced Extended Essay coordinators benefit from using the IB toolkit?

Definitely! With over 40+ printable resources, our toolkit includes a wide variety of ideas to get you organized and prepare your teachers and students for this project.

Can I bundle this toolkit along with other Ibtrove toolkits?

Yes! This Extended Essay toolkit is designed to work with our other Ibtrove toolkits for a comprehensive and unified professional learning opportunity for all the IB teachers in your building and district.

Bundle this toolkit with our other Ibtrove toolkits to create a customized learning plan for your teachers!

NEW DP Extended Essay Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

NEW DP Extended Essay Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
NEW DP Extended Essay Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)
NEW DP Extended Essay Teacher Toolkit (Version 2.0)

What fellow educators say about this toolkit:

"The IBDP EE Teacher Toolkit is a great resource for IB educators who wish to teach their students the Extended Essay (EE).   The Toolkit is easy to navigate and has a variety of helpful resources for teaching the EE, including: -  downloadable and printable PDFs of graphics and example essays -  classroom examples from experienced IB educators -  easy-to-understand explanations of the EE - a Word document template for the EE -  a list of possible essay titles to choose from This is a great resource for new and experienced educators who want to teach the EE, and it will be especially helpful for those who don't have prior experience teaching the EE. "

Jonathan P

IBDP Extended Essay Teacher

“I've been teaching in the IBDP since 2012, I've been involved in writing Extended Essays since 2013, and have been involved in IBDP since its inception. I wish that I had this tool when I was first starting out. I often find myself using IB material but only for the purpose of teaching students how to use it. Having a resource that I can turn to for help when I'm confused or need ideas is wonderful. I definitely recommend this to anyone teaching IBDP.”

Rachel M

Extended Essay Teacher

“The IBDP Extended Essay (EE) Teacher Toolkit is a wonderful resource I have found for teaching students in the IBDP Extended Essay (EE). It is easy to understand and has many helpful graphics. It is a great resource for any educator looking to teach this course.”

Mary Fernandez

Extended Essay Teacher