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Temas para Espanol B Student Edition + Supersite Plus (2 Year) License


Publisher: Vista Higher Learning ISBN-13: 9781543310658


Key features
• In-depth coverage of all five prescribed themes and recommended topics at both the Standard and Higher Level
• Prominent linkages from the content to relevant areas of Theory of Knowledge (TOK) and Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS)
• Varied and expansive range of personal, professional, and mass media text and audio types
• Abundance of activities and tools to practice the new listening comprehension portion of the assessment
• Every unit concludes with a section developed to prepare students for the Extended Essay
• Interculturality and international-mindedness serve as the key foundational anchors for all scaffolded activities and cultural content is presented from entire Spanish-speaking world
• Preface written by Dr. James Monk, previously Head of DP and CP Development and Head of Curriculum for DP Languages in the IB Global Centre during the curriculum review of DP language acquisition
• Robust teaching resources for planning, teaching, creating, and assessing available online 24/7 via the Vista Higher Learning Supersite
Why choose Temas para Español B?
• The only IB Spanish B resource with fully integrated technology
• Superior digital platform designed exclusively for language learning (NOT built for other subjects and then retrofitted for language)
• A proven instructional design that focuses on personalization, authenticity, and cultural immersion
• Support for grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation appropriate for Spanish B students—no need to purchase separate workbooks
• Extensive selection of authentic source materials fully integrated into the print and online materials—no need to spend hours curating or worrying about broken links to third-party sites
• Developed by the only publisher whose sole mission is to raise the teaching and learning of languages to a higher level
• Unparalleled service and support, including personalized training by internationally renowned world language educators"


"Time-Saving Tools
No need to spend your time hunting down authentic materials…finding the perfect video…crafting scaffolded activities…creating assessments…grading homework. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. The Supersite provides everything you need to plan, prepare, teach, and assess.
Powerful Course Management
Choose what you use and how you use it. Monitor student progress. Communicate securely with individual students or the entire class. Track and report on student effort and outcomes. Modify existing content or post your own, and much more.
Enhanced Support
Providing the tools and guidance you need to use the Supersite to its fullest potential—from face-to-face presentation and twice-weekly webinars led by fellow teachers, to pre-recorded videos on a variety of topics.

Plenty of Practice
Learning a new language takes practice. With the Supersite, students have hundreds of program-specific, thematically-based, and carefully-scaffolded practice activities right at their fingertips.
Judgement-Free Zone
Language learning can be intimidating for many students—the Supersite is a safe environment for them to practice being wrong, on their path to being right.
Engaging Media
Authentic short films, synchronous video chat activities, audio-sync readings, and audio recorded by native speakers...the Supersite has it all.
Online tools include:
• Virtual Chat activities provide students with opportunities to develop their listening and speaking skills and to build confidence as they practice with recordings of native speakers from around the world.
• Partner Chat activities allow learners to carry out a conversation in pairs via video or audio. This synchronous chat tool provides for the elements of true interpersonal communication: conversational collaboration, spontaneity, creativity, and negotiation of meaning.
• En fragmentos feature authentic audio broken out into shorter segments combined with comprehension activities.
• My Vocabulary: powerful online vocabulary tools with pre-populated words, translations, and definitions; students can add and save personalized study lists and generate custom flashcards
• vText: the complete online, interactive digital vision of the Student Edition that links directly with Supersite practice activities, audio, and video."


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