SMARTPREP Haese Mathematics HL IB Flash Cards

Publisher: Smart Prep

ISBN13: 9783946138037

The Product

A smart card combination. 

"While designing the product, our aim was to create a tool that lets students better target their revision work. The result is a combination of theory cards that provide concise summaries of key information and question cards that cover the fundamental skills of the HL course."

Michael Haese, Haese Mathematics

The flash cards cover all six topics of the official 2014 IB DP Mathematics HL Core syllabus.
  • Each sub-topic begins with a theory card highlighting important facts and concepts.
  • An entirely new set of skill builder and exam-style questions follow each summary, including worked solutions designed to prepare students for exams throughout both years of the Diploma Programme.
  • Each question is marked as Calculator or Non-Calculator.
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