PYP Coordinator Basic Survival Kit

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A great bundle that is a crucial tool for potential and new IB schools to help them navigate the IB curriculum.  The bundle includes 1 copy of each of the following books/items:

Taking the PYP Forward

Taking the PYP Forward does exactly that. Raising many questions and recognizing the new challenges facing educators, this collaborative work brings together voices from both within and outside of the PYP. Intending to broaden our view of inquiry and circulate fresh thinking about the relevance of the PYP for all areas of learning, this is an essential contribution.

Primary Years Poster

PYP Trans-disciplinary Themes Poster Set

These vibrant, engaging and beautifully illustrated posters represent each of the six trans disciplinary themes for PYP students. Alone, each poster acts as a distinctive representation of one of the trans-disciplinary themes. However, they can also be displayed alongside each other in a number of variations using the illustrations to link the themes together. The illustrations depict a marvellous system that shows the inner workings of life, shared human experiences, organic processes, technological innovations and the world. The set also contains a seventh poster for teachers giving an overview of all the descriptions for each theme, taken from Making the PYP happen. Features include:; Set of seven posters one per trans-disciplinary theme and one poster giving an overview of all the theme descriptions

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