Physics for the IB Diploma 6th edition

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN13: 9781107628199

Author: K.A. Tsokos

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Edition: 6th

Format: Paperback with free online material

Language: English

Pages: 600 pages

Release date: August 11, 2014

Year: 2014


Physics for the IB Diploma, Sixth edition, covers in full the requirements of the IB syllabus for Physics for first examination in 2016. The Sixth edition of this well-known Coursebook is fully updated for the IB Physics syllabus for first examination in 2016, comprehensively covering all requirements. Get the complete coverage of the syllabus with clear assessment statements, and links to Theory of Knowledge, International-mindedness and Nature of Science themes.

Exam preparation is supported with extensive sample exam questions, online test questions and exam tips. Chapters covering the Options and Nature of Science, assessment guidance and answers to questions are included in the free additional online material available with the book.

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