Panorama Hispanohablante 2 Cuarderno de ejercicios(Pack of 5)

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN13: 9781316504208

Author: Chris Fuller, Virginia Toro, Isabel Isern

Curriculum: Middle Years Programme

Dimension: 246x456

Edition: 1st Edition

Format: Workbook

Language: Spanish

Pages: 40 pages

Release date: July 15, 2015

Year: 2015

Availability: In stock

This workbook is designed to prepare students for the ab initio Spanish course for the Interntational Baccalaureate Language B programme. It is the first of two books covering the 2-year course. It is also suitable for students preparing for the IGCSE Spanish examination. This unique resource is totally international in approach, and contains material especially designed to engage older teenager learners. Currently many IB students use materials that are designed for much younger learners, which are not motivating and do not adequately account for their intellectual level.

This coursebook is age-appropriate and requires students to think and reflect at a level that is suitable for an IB Diploma student. There is strong emphasis on developing intercultural understanding. Workbook that students can write in, with grids, examination-type exercises, crosswords, etc. It is ideal for homework tasks and also provides extra grammar practice and extra language practice in each unit.

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