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MYP Language Language and Literature Teacher Prep Course (online course)


Publisher: Edtrove ISBN-13: ibtrovemyplal




Welcome to this Ibtrove Teacher Prep Course for MYP Language and Literature. The goal of this course is to provide you with quality professional development by experienced MYP Language and Literature teachers around the world. 

In this self-paced course we will:

Our MYP Teacher Prep Course helps new teachers by preparing them to enter their IB classroom.   Help your NEW teachers master the nuts and bolts of teaching their IB course. This is a great tool for MYP coordinators who have new teachers in multiple subjects and don’t have time to individually train them. This course is not a substitute for an IB workshop.  


  • Guide you through the elements of the curriculum, including the aims and how Language and Literature fits into the MYP
  • Provide you with classroom examples from expert teachers
  • Advise you on building the unit of inquiry with lessons aimed at the key concepts, global contexts, statement of inquiry, and inquiry questions
  • Show you examples of how to integrate the ATL, ATT, and Learning Profile into your classroom
  • Teach you best practices for assessment and the role of assessment in MYP Language & Literature
  • Guide you through the structuring and organization of your course
  • Provide space for collaboration with teachers around the world, and access to a guru who can answer your questions and provide feedback
  • 90-day access so that your new teachers have plenty of time to take the course
  • Completion certificate emailed to you upon completion of the course



            Our courses will help new teachers learn all the key components of successfully managing an IB classroom. All this can be done at their own pace, schedule and on any device.


            IB coordinators can onboard their new teacher using the courses. New teachers can then demonstrate their successful completion of the course by presenting their certificate.


            New MYP teachers will be able to see real classroom examples of IA, Unit plans, Lesson plans. They can then test their comprehension through assessments and exercises.

            ABOUT THE AUTHOR


            “Molly has taught MYP Language and Literature since 2002. She is the MYP Coordinator at her school and has her M.Ed in English. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in the USA and has been part of the IBEN since 2008 leading workshops in MYP L&L.”

            MYP Language & Literature Teacher, MYP Coordinator, and IBEN Workshop Leader

            Molly Clarkson


            “Wendy is the MYP Coordinator at her school in The Hague and teaches MYP Language & Literature.”

            MYP Language & Literature Teacher and MYP Coordinator

            Wendy Lahy-Neary

            Find a sample of the course here: 



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