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My Wellbeing & Mindfulness Journal: Grades K-2 (Limited Stock)


Publisher: Learning Curve/StudentWellbeing ISBN-13: 9780648499404

Format: Paperback

Language: English


This student journal contains over 75 lessons that help you grow your wellbeing and mindfulness.  All of the activities take 10-15 minutes each, which add up together to make a big difference to your happiness and ability to overcome challenges.  This is a book every student should have!

Great for SEL, IB and Positive Education frameworks.

This journal helps you build your well-being via six elements.  

  1. Strengths and Emotions
  2. Skills and Achievement
  3. Relationships and Optimism
  4. Positive Engagement
  5. Meaning and Purpose
  6. Exercise and Health

Your wellbeing is a combination of these six equally important elements.  To help achieve wellbeing, the journal has three sections which combine together to enable you to flourish.  They are:

  • Learning about the key strategies to building your wellbeing
  • Doing the weekly wellbeing builders and activities to develop each of your elements of wellbeing
  • Developing your ability to extend your wellbeing through practical skill-building strategies.
The journals can be used over a 1 year or 2 year period.  There are enough activities to be used over a one week or two week period
Easy for teachers to use structure for teachers as the activities are already prepared.  K- Grade 2 version designed to bring parents into the wellbeing conversation.
If a school purchase at least 100 copies, gain access to free well-being online activities.   Neuroscience has proven that your brain is always changing and that you can grow your brain's abilities by lifting your efforts to learn and try new things; you will feel your well-being growing.  It's all about improving your abilities rather than proving them.


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