Journeys in Learning Across Frontiers

Publisher: IBO Publishing
ISBN13: 9781906345792

Author: Anne-Marie Evans, Lisa Nicholson, Nancy Forster, Sue Bastian

Dimension: 22.7 x 15.1 cm

Format: Book

Language: English

Pages: 170 pages

Release date: July 17, 2012

Series: Journeys

Year: 2012

$54.00 $40.00

How can teachers and school leaders devise powerful, internationally minded learning experiences for their students? How do these IB learning experiences transform students and educators alike? And how do they use their learning to cross frontiers and transform the world? Journeys in Learning Across Frontiers answers these questions by collecting real, colourful stories of IB learning experiences that have forged connections across political, social, economic and cultural boundaries.
Stories cover topics such as: Encouraging intercultural connections through conferences, exchanges, and technology Teaching and learning in different cultural contexts Crossing frontiers to engage in service learning Embracing new teaching approaches Pursuing extended inquiries and careers into new frontiers. Following the approach of Journeys in Implementation, the stories in this volume are drawn from a variety of contexts that represent the diversity of IB World Schools and IB programmes. Each chapter includes: A rich range of perspectives from IB educators, students, alumni and parents Feature boxes containing key strategies that shaped the learning experiences Inspiring pull quotes from the contributors Photos that capture the human, personal nature of the stories. “I am convinced that this publication will be invaluable for both IB veterans—replenishment of commitment—as well as for newcomers who can gain so much valuable insight into the reasons for the IB”.

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