IB Mathematics HL Option: Statistics & Probability

Publisher: Oxford Study Courses
ISBN13: 9781907374593

Author: Peter Gray

Curriculum: HL

Dimension: 259 x 297

Edition: 2nd Edition

Format: Print Book

Isbn 10: 1907374590

Language: English

Pages: 28 pages

Release date: February 28, 2013

Series: OSC IB Revision Guides for the International Baccalaureate Diploma

Year: 2013


This revision guide supports study and revision for IBDP Mathematics HL Paper 3, for students planning to answer questions on Topic 7 Option: Statistics and Probability.

Coverage includes:

  • A review of key aspects of the syllabus
  • How to apply mathematical concepts to exam-style questions
  • Concise definitions of mathematical terminology
  • Guidance on boosting exam performance
  • How to perform operations using a TI-84 calculator

Key features:

  • Worked examples to demonstrate how to solve exam problems
  • Practice questions to test understanding
  • Margin boxes with key points, hints, and tips
  • Clearly presented equations, diagrams, and tables

Box code:

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