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IB Mathematics Application & Interpretation HL Textbook (New 2019)


Publisher: Haese Mathematics ISBN-13: 9781925489606

Author: Michael Haese; Mark Humphries; Chris Sangwin; Ngoc Vo

Curriculum: IB Diploma Programme International Baccalaureate

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1925489604

Language: English

Release date: 07/30/2019

Series: IB Diploma Programme, Haese Mathematics HL

Year: 2019


A new textbook written for the revised Diploma Mathematics curriculum (first teaching August 2019). 

Students studying either SL or HL would use two books:

'Core Topics' and 'Analysis and Approaches' or 'Core Topics' and 'Applications and Interpretation'

We are choosing to write this way so that:

  • The courses can be thoroughly covered while keeping the books reasonably sized.
  • All students in SL (an analogous in HL) can start together and potentially delay making a final choice of course.
  • The Core Topics HL book can have less easier questions and significantly more tougher questions
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