IB History Route 2: Aspects of the History of Europe and the Middle East 1750-2000 SL/HL


ISBN13: 9781907374098


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This guide provides valuable summaries for Route 2, Papers 2 and 3 of 18 key topics from the syllabus as well as essay outlines related to these topics. While primarily aimed at helping prepare students for Paper 3, the guide will also be useful in preparing for Paper 2. The book covers the key points of the topics that appear most frequently in IBDP exams with an additional 46 essay outlines on typical questions on the 18 key topics from the syllabus.
The guide offers both the historical background to each of the topics and a method used to provide special training in how to structure essays. This method has been used by many IBDP-candidates over the years and has proved very effective. The idea is that the candidate must know the context or main points of an historical topic together with the actual events, and with this knowledge, facts and structures needed for an essay will be easier to handle.

Author: Sam Olofsson

Curriculum: SL/HL

Dimension: 254 x 297

Edition: 1st Edition

Format: Print Book

Isbn 10: 1907374094

Language: English

Pages: 166 pages

Release date: March 23, 2011

Series: OSC IB Revision Guides for the International Baccalaureate Diploma

Weight: 1

Year: 2011

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