IB French B Online Course Book (Old Syllabus Edition) 2012

Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN13: 9780198368342

Author: Christine Trumper

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Dimension: 6.9 x 8.5 inches

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 0198368348

Language: English

Release date: 08/20/2015

Year: 2015

Developed with the IB to accurately match the current syllabus, this comprehensive text tangibly builds fluency and strengthens assessment potential. Oral activities in every chapter build confident speaking skills, and a dedicated unit on literature stretches learners beyond functional language-learning, supporting exceptional achievement.

  • The most comprehensive and written specifically for the current Language B syllabus, including all the options
  • Authentic and current French texts resonate with learners and drive discussion, strengthening critical thought
  • The best integration of the IB philosophy, with creative TOK activities developing outward-looking learners
  • Thoroughly holistic approach, driving the most complex levels of language acquisition
  • Packed with assessment support direct from the IB, with exam-style questions giving unrivalled insight into IB assessment
  • Supported by a focused Skills and Practice book to hone skills directly relevant to IB assessment and optimizing achievement
  • Written by leading French B teachers and workshop leaders
  • Accessible until 31 December 2019, to be used by a single student or teacher
  • Multiplatform access, compatible with PCs, Macs, iPads, tablets and more
  • Your first login to your Online Course Books will facilitated by a printed access card that will be sent to you in the mail.
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