IB 20th Century World History: Oxford IB Diploma Program [E-book]


ISBN13: 9780199137763


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With strong emphasis on source evaluation skills, this course book was developed with the IB and most closely embodies the IB approach to learning. Fully covering prescribed subjects for the 2008 syllabus and with a bank of source material to develop analytical skills, it includes case studies from all regions to foster international-mindedness.

· Provides excellent support for the requirements of the IB history syllabus with examples showing comparative methods
· Includes extracts and examples to allow students to evaluate and think critically as they gain knowledge
· Provides a wealth of illustrations, diagrams, maps and charts to help explain difficult concepts
· Provides material for TOK and the learner profile
· Contains examination questions included and guidance on the exam.
· Includes links to websites and other sources with cross curricular material

About the Series:
Oxford's IB Diploma Course Books are essential resource materials designed in cooperation with the IB to provide students with extra support through their IB studies. Course Books provide advice and guidance on specific course assessment requirements, mirroring the IB philosophy and providing opportunities for critical thinking.

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Author: Richard Jones-Nerzic

Language: English

Pages: 512 pages

Year: 2012