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History for the IB Diploma Paper 2 Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars with Cambridge Elevate Edition 2/e


Publisher: Cambridge University Press ISBN-13: 9781108760539


This coursebook with Cambridge Elevate edition covers Paper 2, World History Topic 11: Causes and Effects of 20th Century Wars of the History for the IB Diploma syllabus for first assessment in 2017. Tailored to the requirements of the IB syllabus and written by experienced IB History examiners and teachers, it offers authoritative and engaging guidance through the following detailed studies from around the world: the First World War, the Spanish Civil War, the Second World War, the Chinese Civil War and the Iran/Iraq War.


  • Authoritative and comprehensive text, written by experienced IB History examiners, covering one topic per title, to help students adopt an investigative and thorough approach to their study.
  • Key Concept links to highlight how the 6 new key concepts can be integrated into the course.
  • Paper 1 and Paper 2 exam-style questions to help improve student performance and provide preparation for assessment.
  • Activities throughout the chapters to encourage an exploratory and inquiring approach to historical learning.
  • A wide range of primary and secondary sources to develop students’ analytical skills.
  • Opportunities for balanced historical debate to inspire engagement with multiple historical perspectives and interpretations.
  • Definitions of key historical terms displayed alongside relevant text to aid accessibility and support EAL learners.
  • Links to Theory of Knowledge concepts to stimulate reflective discussion.
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