Higher Level Mathematics Revised 2012(etext only edition)

Publisher: Pearson Education

ISBN13: 9780435141929

Format: eText only

$65.00 $45.00

The most complete solution available for IB Diploma Mathematics. This is the fully revised and improved 2nd edition of the highly regarded textbook already used successfully by teachers worldwide. Written by an expert author team consisting of former IB chief examiners, senior examiners and assistant examiners, experienced IB workshop leaders, and teachers with more than 160 years of combined teaching experience.

Here are just some of things you can expect to find: Complete, interactive ebook containing interactive activities utilizing dynamic mathematics software, quizzes, extension and revision worksheets, full worked solutions and audio-visual calculator support; Clear explanations of key concepts and skills, accompanied by numerous worked examples; Chapter summaries to aid planning and revision; Complete flexibility over medium of study, with printed textbook, online ebook and downloadable versions of chapters to allow students to work offline; Practice questions with answers from past examination papers to help you with exam preparation; Helpful and skilful support for the new IA Mathematical Exploration - continuously updated on the author website to address developments in the IA programme;

A highly engaging Theory of Knowledge chapter, written by Ric Sims, a Deputy Chief Examiner for TOK and highly experienced TOK and Maths HL teacher.

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