Geography: Option A: Freshwater- issues and conflicts

Publisher: Oxford Study Courses

ISBN13: 9781910689271

Author: Ben Tavener , Garrett Nagle

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1910689270

Language: English

Release date: 08/31/2015

Year: 2015


This Guide supports preparation for the IDBP Geography Paper 2 exam, for SL and HL students planning to answer questions on Option A: Freshwater Issues and Conflicts.

Valid for the 2011-2018 exam cycle.

Coverage includes:

  • The water system
  • Drainage basins and flooding
  • Water management issues and strategies
  • Competition for water resources

Key features:

  • Case studies and exercises to help maximise the originality of your exam answers
  • Tips on improving exam performance and avoiding common mistakes
  • Concise definitions of key terms
  • Clear and colourful diagrams
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