Further mathematics HL: Linear algebra and Geometry FM Topic 1, FM Topic 2

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ISBN13: 9781921972355



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Each Topic has undergone a thorough review, taking into consideration syllabus changes and teacher feedback. The new format allows for additional content/material to be included where necessary, creating a comprehensive resource for students studying Mathematics HL and Further Mathematics HL Fully worked solutions will now be included in the back of each book. This will be ideal for students who are absent from school or studying independently. Teachers will also benefit from the additional support. Includes 27 month online subscription via Snowflake from Haese Mathematics.

Curriculum: Gr. 11-12 (16-18 yrs)

Edition: Not Yet Published

Format: Softcover

Language: English

Release date: October 15, 2014

Series: Math Options

Weight: 2.5

Year: 2014

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