Flash Cards | IB DP Physics SL

Publisher: Smart Prep

ISBN13: 9783946138129


Our products comply with our three-part philosophy. They have a smart application, support organization and increase efficiency.


Each flash card conveys a question on one side and the corresponding answer on the other side. The broad array of types of questions allows them to adapt to the nature of the content and not the other way around:

  • Calculations
  • Diagrams
  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Multiple choice
  • Text
  • True-or-False


Organization is the key to succeed in all IB DP exams. Tab cards organize all flash cards along the official IB DP syllabus. Green progress cards allow you to adapt the organization of the flash cards to your studying progress.


Enables an immediate start to active studying. The composition of only relevant questions and answers narrows down the content to a manageable scope.

    The Physics IB Flash Cards are based on the all-new 2016 IB syllabus.

    SL Set
    • Covering core topics 1 to 8

    HL Set 

    • Covering core topics 1 to 8
    • Covering additional higher level (AHL) topics 9 to 12

    Your benefits:

    • Written by highly experienced IB DP educators
    • In accordance with the respective IB DP syllabus
    • Content organized at a glance
    • Clear differentiation between SL and HL content
    • Suitable for a variety of studying approaches

    About the Author: Physics

    Tom Harbour

    I currently teach at Munich International School, Germany. I studied Physical Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and received my Masters in Education through Warwick University. My students were excited about a flash card revision guide, which convinced me to join SMARTPREP

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