English B Skills and Practice (Old Syllabus Edition) 2012 Limited Inventory

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN13: 9780198392842

Author: Tiia Tempakka

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Dimension: 297x210mm

Format: Paperback

Language: English

Pages: 208 pages

Release date: January 31, 2014

Series: IB Diploma Program

Weight: 2

Year: 2014

$49.00 $39.00

Definitively strengthening all the skills central to English B assessment, this supportive guide was written by an English B workshop leader to progress learners' confidence and understanding. Directly supporting the English B Course Book, each assessment component is fully covered, embedding exam strategies and providing extensive practice for all question-types.

Ensuring learners wholly master receptive and productive skills in addition to strengthening organization, presentation and conversation skills, it maximizes achievement in assessment. About the series: Cement student confidence and fully embed all the key skills central to IB study. IB Skills and Practice provides learners with the essential practice needed to enable confident skills application, tangibly building capabilities for IB assessment.

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