IB Diploma In a Nutshell Teacher Prep Course

Publisher: Edtrove


six-session self-paced eLearning course that chunks and covers all the core elements of the IB Diploma Business Management.

  • Collaborate with your subject-specific peers.
  • Formative and summative assessment that can lead to a certificate and points via gamification.
  • Downloadable infographics.
  • Cross-platform delivery so you can use on any device.
  • Plus a few more tools to make the course more efficient and enjoyable


Introduces the IB as a curriculum.

Covers all of your group aims and subject-specific aims with real classroom examples to make sure you understand how they apply to your own classroom.


Covers all the fundamental concepts of the IB curriculum

  • LP: Learner profile and how it ties into the foundation of your subject.
  • ATL: Approaches to learning.
  • ATT: Approaches to Teaching.
  • All subject-specific concepts in your course and related classroom activity.


Prepare your classroom to tackle External Assessment for your subject using real teacher experience forged strategies.

Best practices for student preparation and assessment criteria are explained with examples. 


Learn all the essential concepts of Internal Assessment for your subject.

Provide good student created examples of IA with guidelines for practical IA mapped to the assessment criteria of the subject.


All about the core and how it ties into the teaching of your subject.

  • TOK: Theory of Knowledge
  • EE: Extended Essay
  • CAS: Creativity, activity, service 


  • Best way to structure your course to ensure students have the most productive learning experience.
  • Ready to use classroom resources that can be modified to your classroom and student-specific interests.
  • Downloadable infographics from the course
  • Unit planning resource builder
  • Teacher recommended books for IB Diploma Business Management
  • Ebook library

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