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Earth & Space Sciences for NGSS Teacher's Digital Edition


Publisher: Biozone ISBN-13: 9781927309391


The Teacher's Digital Edition of Earth and Space Sciences for NGSS includes a full non-printable PDF version of the workbook.  Suggested model answers are included on each page in an interactive HIDE/SHOW format, making it suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard. This product is DRM protected and requires registration

  • Teacher's Digital Edition

Full PDF (non-printable) with SHOW/HIDE answers


  • Model Answers

Full PDF (non-printable)


  • Classroom Guide

Providing strategies to effectively use BIOZONE's workbooks

  • Weblinks

Additional online resources supporting the workbook activities


  • Alignment to NGSS LS-HS Program

Arranged by DCI and Topic


  • Spreadsheets and Statistics
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