DP Group 4 Poster Pack (Set of 5 Posters) (IB Diploma Programme)

Publisher: IBO Publishing

ISBN13: 9781785939969
A set of five posters containing essential information for group 4 biology, chemistry and physics students and teacher s. Designed for DP sciences students, and perfect to displa y in classrooms, this informative poster set provides key in formation about the biology, chemistry and physics courses. A handy reference for students and teachers, the five poste rs in this set encourage familiarity with the requirements f or biology, chemistry and physics. Also provided in the set is an attractive command terms poster specifically designed for DP sciences classrooms. This set includes the following posters: Group 4: Project stages; Group 4: Aims for biology, chemistry and physics; Group 4: Assessment objectives for b iology, chemistry and physics; Group 4: Learner profile attr ibutes; Group 4: Glossary of command terms. (IB Diploma Programme) (59.4 x 42 cm) (IB SKU#: GD320)
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