Diploma Programme Alumni Testimonial Poster (IB Diploma Programme)

Publisher: IBO Publishing

ISBN13: 9781786386038
Promote the Diploma Programme to prospective and current students alike with this eye-catching and informative poster. Candid, inspiring quotes from recent Diploma Programme alumni and key statistics on university recognition of the programme illustrate the benefits of undertaking an IB education in an engaging and memorable way. This large, easy-to-read poster is an excellent tool for information sessions and ideal for display in classrooms, corridors and offices. Features include: Real testimonials from Diploma Programme alumni; Statistics on university recognition and admissions; B2 (500 mm x 707 mm or 19.7 in x 27.8 in). Diploma Programme. 5 cm. x 7.7 cm. IB SKU#: GD216A.
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