Business Management HL

Publisher: Oxford Study Courses

ISBN13: 9781910689240

Author: Paul Clark

Curriculum: Diploma Programme

Edition: 1st Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 1910689246

Language: English

Pages: 222 pages

Release date: April 17, 2016

Year: 2016


This revision guide provides support throughout your IBDP Business Management course, with the extra depth of coverage required for HL.

Coverage includes:

  • A review of all five obligatory units
  • Applying theory to real business activity
  • Guidance on how to use knowledge and skills effectively in the exam
  • Assessment objectives and common command terms

Key features:

  • Concise definitions of important business concepts
  • Exam-style practice questions, including data response questions
  • Examiner tip boxes to help students obtain high marks
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