Biology 4th Edition

Publisher: IBID Press

ISBN13: 9781921917233

Author: Peters weem

Curriculum: Diploma Program

Edition: 4th edition

Format: Softcover

Isbn 10: 1921917237

Language: English

Release date: July 7, 2014

Year: 2014

$95.00 $79.00

This 4th edition features: i) Coverage of the entire course (SL, HL and all Options) ii) Presentation according to the specific; Understandings; for each Topic and sub-Topic iii) Specific reference to relevant: * 'Theory of knowledge links; * 'Applications and Skills; * a) Nature of Science; statements b) Revision Questions for each chapter c) An expanded Glossary of relevant terms d) Answers to all Revision Questions and other support material in a FREE e-book (available early August)

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