Access to History for the IB Diploma: The Mexican Revolution 1910-40 - [E-book]

Publisher: Hodder Education

ISBN13: 9781444182354

Author: Philip Benson andYvonne Berliner

Format: E-book

Pages: 241 pages

Release date: January 1, 2014

Year: 2014

Ensure your students have access to the authoritative, in-depth and accessible content of this series for the IB History Diploma.
This series for the IB History Diploma has taken the clarity, accessibility, reliability and in-depth analysis of our best-selling Access to History series and tailor-made it to better fit the IB learner's needs. Each title in the series provides depth of content, focused on specific topics in the IB History guide, and examination guidance on different exam-style questions - helping students develop a good knowledge and understanding of the topic alongside the skills they need to do well.
- Ensures students gain a good understanding of the IB History topic through an engaging, in-depth, reliable and up-to-date narrative - presented in an accessible way.
- Helps students to understand historical issues and examine the evidence, through providing a wealth of relevant sources and analysis of the historiography surrounding key debates.
- Gives students guidance on answering exam-style questions with model answers and practice questions
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