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A Beginner's Guide to the Socratic Seminar


ISBN13: 9780898244540


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Ideally, the dialogue that happens in a Socratic Seminar provides an equal opportunity for all: the at-risk adolescent, an English Language Learner, or a gifted prodigy--all have equal voice in the Seminar--a free-flowing interchange where everyone's contribution has value.

It is also, by active involvement towards understanding, the means to long-term memorization of what has been learnt. This enthusiastic and highly practical book for teachers explains how the Socratic Seminar works and how to manage one.

Chapters include: explanations of the difference between dialogue and debate; the rules of the Socratic Seminar; the basics of getting started and how to adapt to different size classes; the seating arrangements; the art of asking questions; evaluation sheets; follow-up writing and prospective topics.