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The Living Earth Teacher's Digital Edition ( School purchase with student book purchase only )


Publisher: IBSOURCE ISBN-13: 9781927309698


The Living Earth - Teacher's Digital Edition includes a full non-printable PDF version of the Student Edition.  Suggested model answers are included on each page in an interactive HIDE/SHOW format, making it suitable for use with an interactive whiteboard. This product is DRM protected and requires annual registration and renewal.

Provided on CD-ROM or as a Download:

  • PDF files to be copied onto staff laptops (some files are DRM protected).
  • Provided as a DIGITAL (non-printing PDF) version of the student book with REVEAL answers feature.
  • Includes digital copy of the Classroom Guide (PDF).
  • Includes digital copy of the Model Answers (PDF).
  • Additional files: spreadsheet files.
  • One year staff 5 user licences.



Biology for NGSS Teacher's Digital Edition


    • Teacher's Digital Edition

      Full PDF (non-printable) with SHOW/HIDE answers

    • Model Answers

      Full PDF (non-printable)

    • Classroom Guide

      Providing strategies to effectively use BIOZONE's workbooks

    • Resource Hub

      Additional online resources supporting the workbook activities and provides additional teacher support

    • Spreadsheets and Statistics

      Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to support statistical activities


    Sample of Presentation Media from Instructional Segment 3: Evidence of Evolution - full color editable slideshow presentation

Class set of 20 or more of the corresponding student books is required in order to purchase this item.