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AP Biology 1 Student Edition


Publisher: Biozone ISBN-13: 9781927309629

Author: Tracey Greenwood; Lissa Bainbridge-Smith; Kent Pryor; Richard Allan

Dimension: 8.3 x 0.8 x 11.7 inches

Edition: 2nd Student Edition

Format: Paperback

Isbn 10: 192730962X

Language: English

Pages: 424 pages

Release date: 09/11/2017

Year: 2017


BIOZONE is excited to announce the launch of new 2017 editions of our popular AP Biology 1 & 2 student books. Building on the successful approach of previous editions, they will feature new and revised content and easy-to-use tools for identifying program requirements and assessing student performance.


  • Essential Skills for AP Biology

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

  • The Biochemistry of Life
  • Cell Structure and Processes
  • Cellular Communication


  • DNA and RNA
  • Chromosomes and Cell Division
  • The Chromosomal Basis of Inheritance
  • Regulation of Gene Expression
  • Sources of Variation


  • Genetic Change in Populations
  • Evidence for Biological Evolution
  • The Relatedness of Organisms
  • Speciation and Extinction
  • The Origin of Living Systems

For ease of use, the full course work for AP Biology has been published as two companion titles. AP Biology 2 is the companion to this title. Each title can be purchased individually or as the AP Biology Bundle.

Some of the new features of these significantly enhanced editions include:

  • Chapter introductions provide a summary of required knowledge, encapsulating the Essential Knowledge of the AP curriculum framework (2015) and matched point for point.
  • A Key Idea introduces each activity, providing a clear focus and “take-home” message for the student.
  • New activities to support student-led inquiry and a larger number of activities involving data analysis and modeling.
  • New case studies and required illustrative examples.
  • New easy-to-use coding for weblinks, content and concept connections, and science practices:
    • Science Practices are well supported through integrated activities in both volumes.
    • Concept and Content Connections codes enable students to make important connections across the entire program.
  • New content to support the 13 required practicals.
  • Both volumes include content adjustments and updates in light of the latest (2015) review of the framework and in keeping with the dynamic nature of science.
  • Review activities at the end of each chapter enable students to test their understanding and are ideal as formative assessment tasks.
  • Synoptic activities suitable as summative assessments conclude each section of work.

Features and Benefits

  • 400+ activities across the two companion titles: Varied, engaging activities provide ample opportunity for students to explore and test their understanding of the content.
  • The four big ideas provide a thematic framework for presenting a wealth of illustrative examples to support the required content.
  • Concept maps make connections between key content areas.
  • A key idea for each activity and access to support online engages students and supports a deeper understanding.
  • Enduring understandings are clearly identified and developed through the learning objectives and their supporting activities.
  • Essential knowledge: Learning outcomes are based on the essential knowledge requirements of the AP Biology Curriculum Framework, outlining the knowledge and skills students must acquire.